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The Tallahassee Region AACA (TRAACA) is a region of the national club, the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA). The AACA was established in 1935 and is dedicated to the history of the automobile as well as the preservation and/or restoration of vehicles 25 years old or older. This includes cars, trucks, commercial vehicles and motorcycles in original or restored condition.

The TRAACA was established in 1970. Activities include regular meetings, judged shows, displays, local tours, cruises, rallies and sponsorship and participation in regional and national antique auto related events.

If you wish to become a member of our regional club, then you are also required to become a member of the national club, AACA. There are many benefits associated with both memberships. Belonging to the Tallahassee Region gives you an award-winning monthly newsletter, the Tallahassee Chassee, and access to many people who share a love of antique and collector vehicles. You may just enjoy the fellowship or partake of the technical expertise available from our membership to help you in your enjoyment of the hobby. Ownership of an antique automobile is not a requirement for membership.

Each year the club participates in many activities, including tours (local and overnighters) and numerous car displays and shows. Our chili dinner and auction is held annually in November and a Christmas celebration occurs in December. Informative and participative "Technical Days" are held during the year to fix issues with a particular vehicle or to learn troubleshooting and maintenance skills. Throughout the year, numerous interesting activities are made available to members, so there are plenty of activities and opportunities for your enjoyment!

Club Officers and Directors for 2017

Ken Hart - President
Phil Reichert - Vice President
Marianne Trussell - Secretary
Norm Madsen - Treasurer
Craig Brown - Webmaster
Dennis Tober - Newsletter
Board of Directors
Bill O'Rourke - John Schanbacher - Jack Hanbury - Vic Hajos

Application for TRAACA Membership
Download an application in your favorite format:
MS Word Adobe Acrobat (pdf)

Complete and mail (with check or money order) to:

Tallahassee Region AACA
P.O. Box 3903
Tallahassee, FL 32315

or bring to the next club meeting.