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Excerpts and synopses from the Newsletter Archives of the Tallahassee Chassee
Club events and happenings from the past.

Septermber 1979

On Saturday, September 29, 1979 members of TRAACA were treated to a picnic at the home of Ray & Mary Margaret Cook in Valdosta, Georgia. An interesting highlight was the reading of the TEN COMMANDMENTS FOR THE CAR COLLECTOR by Don

I. Thou shall not store thy cars out of doors, except for the wife’s modern iron.
II. Thou shall not covet they neighbor’s car, nor his garage, nor his battery charger.
III. Thou shall not read thy Hemmings on company time, lest thy employer makes it impossible to continue thy car payments.
IV. Thou shall not love thy cars more than thy wife and children; as much, but not more.
V. Thou shall not despise thy neighbor’s Edsel, not his DeSoto, nor even his 1947 Plymouth.
VI. Thou shall not allow thy daughters nor thy sons to get married during the holy days of Hershey.
VII. Thou shall not deceive thy wife into thinking that thou art taking her for a romantic Sunday drive when, indeed, thou art going to look at another car.
VIII. Thou shall not tell thy spouse the entire cost of thy latest restoration, at least not all at the same time.
IX. Thou shall not promise thy wife a new addition to the house and then use it to store cars; thou shall not store cars in the attic.
X. Thou shall not buy thy wife a floor jack for Christmas.

Respectfully submitted,
Gladys Bauer, Secretary

September 1989

We gathered again on Sept. 19th at what is becoming one of our favorite eating and meeting places, Moby Dick’s Restaurant on Thomasville Road. Thirty-eight members and
guests were present. Bob and Nancy Rambo were guests of Diane and John McCarthy. They have a 1952 Cadillac. After George Campbell gave devotions and the minutes were approved, President Brock talked about the upcoming car display at the Village Commons Shopping Center on Sept. 30th. We’ve been asked to have 15 to 16 cars there by 9 am for
the daylong display. There will also be a fashion show and a radio remote broadcast. Randolph encouraged all who can to attend. Randolph also reported that there was a good turnout of our club at the Albany Show. The Artesian Region had their biggest show ever with a turnout of 97 cars. Barkers won 1st in their class and the Campbells won 2nd
place and an award for driving the longest distance. Bill is working on obtaining our demonstration speakers. We will have a speaker who will demonstrate a new kind of paint. Randolph will look for a place in Thomasville to have this demo, robably sometime in November. Bill reported that the speaker on brakes that we had lined up will be available
when we want him. Dan Rainey made a suggestion that only trophies for perhaps 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place be given for each class at the Perry Show. It was decided that the trophy committee will decide. Speaking of the Perry Show, “Heading for the Future” is the parade that will take place Saturday morning, Oct. 28 at 10 am.

Bye for now, Sharon Heber

September 1999

Pete Kerwin Shares Digital Slide Show of Alaskan Trip With Sons by Motorcycle
Our September meeting at the Golden Corral Restaurant featured a digital slide show by our member Pete Kerwin. He and his two sons
rode all the way to Alaska by motorcycle, with a side car, camping out and having a great time. They chose scenic routes going and coming, and rode on some beautiful but desolate roads in the Alaskan wilderness. Pete shows a lot of courage to take off on a month
long journey like this with just a few bags of essentials and his good fortune to help out. He had a few minor mechanical problems that were solved with a couple of phone calls and Federal Express. Bev was a very patient and understanding wife and mother to let her “boys” go on such a trip, but this has almost become a tradition for the Kerwin Krew to hit the road on the motorcycle with side car for a
long summer trip. We have been privileged in the past with programs by Pete on other very interesting trips by motorcycle. These
are two fortunate young men to be able to spend a great summer vacation with their Dad on a unique trip. Pete says he doubts they will
attempt such a long trip next time. Maybe there is a future trip in the works, only next time with some more motorcycles to accommodate
these growing guys.

Bill Thompson, Editor